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A Few Free Websites to Learn Digital Marketing

Do you want to learn digital marketing but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're looking for a more affordable option than paying for a course. Either way, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we will share with you 7 free websites that will help you learn digital marketing skills. These websites are packed full of information and resources, so you'll be able to learn everything from basics such as SEO and social media marketing, to more advanced topics like PPC and content marketing.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

The first website on our list is Moz is a well-known leader in the digital marketing field, and their website is a wealth of information for anyone looking to learn about SEO and online marketing. They have an extensive library of articles, blog posts, and tutorials on all things digital marketing, and they also offer paid courses if you're looking for something more comprehensive.

Next up is HubSpot Academy. HubSpot Academy offers free certification courses in Inbound Marketing, Growth-Driven Design, and other digital marketing topics. These courses are perfect for those who want to learn more about specific areas of digital marketing. They even offer a course completion certificate that you can add to your resume!

If you're looking for more general information about digital marketing, the Digital Marketing Institute is a great option. They offer a range of free resources, including articles, webinars, and eBooks. They also have paid courses if you want to take your learning to the next level.

Hootsuite Academy is another great website for those wanting to learn about social media marketing. They offer certification courses in Social Media Marketing and Advanced Social Media Strategy, as well as a host of other free resources. Their courses are taught by industry experts and cover everything from the basics of social media marketing to more advanced topics such as creating effective social media campaigns.

Next on our list is Google Analytics Academy. As you might guess from the name, Google Analytics Academy offers courses on...Google Analytics! These courses are perfect for those who want to learn how to use this powerful tool to measure and improve their digital marketing efforts. They offer both free and paid courses, so you can choose the level of learning that's right for you.

If you're looking for more hands-on learning, then check out Skillshare. Skillshare is a website where you can learn by doing, with over 25,000 classes covering everything from design and illustration to business and entrepreneurship. And while not all of their classes are specifically about digital marketing, there are plenty that will teach you valuable skills that you can apply to your digital marketing efforts.

Finally, we have is a subscription-based website with over 12,000 courses covering everything from web design to business skills. While you do have to pay for a subscription, they offer a free trial so you can explore their courses and see if they're right for you. And with such a wide range of topics covered, you're sure to find plenty of classes that will help you learn about digital marketing.

So there you have it! Seven great websites that will help you learn digital marketing skills. So what are you waiting for? Start learning today!

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